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Dates: 11th - 15th of January 2021

ResidentialCamp: $550 per child - cost includes: All catering and activities, Monday to Friday

Ages: 12 - 16 years old.

Day Camp: $88.00 per person per day for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – includes activities and meals.

Ages: 10 - 16 years old.

Turn the screens off and get the kids outside these holidays. Time to pack some adventure in to the holiday break - what about canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking and more. Camping out under the stars, cooking on an open fire and working together to overcome challenges facilitated by highly experienced Higher Ground Crew.

The camp will be run to an industry approved COVID safety plan, so you can relax and we will look after your kids.

So book for the week for 12-16 years or pick a day or three of activity sessions for 10-16 years.


Daycamp day sessions

  • Tuesday: Leap of Faith and Donkey Kong High Ropes

  • Wednesday: Mountain Biking and Climbing the Wall

  • Thursday: Rock Climbing and Abseiling

Book now to avoid disappointment!!

Who is Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is an internationally renowned provider of experiential learning and Outdoor Education; each year working with thousands of young people within Australia and around the World.

Higher Ground operates Kenilworth Homestead and also Mary Valley Experiential Learning Centre.


Location: The Higher Ground Australia Mary Valley Outdoor Education Centre

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