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we create the freedom to learn

Our Purpose

Higher Ground exists to “develop extraordinary people”.

We believe everyone is unique and significant with an opportunity to thrive as an extraordinary person.  Higher Ground “creates the freedom to learn” through direct learning experiences in unique and challenging environments that facilitate personal growth through discovery.


All Higher Ground programmes are designed to develop:

1. Confident individuals

As Confident Individuals participants will develop physical competence and mental strength, with a strong self-image and identity. Students are encouraged and given the opportunity to take well-managed risks, helping them to develop their self-image and goal setting abilities. 

2. Life-long learners

As Life-long Learners participants will be able to work more creatively and resourcefully, solving problems and using their initiative. As our programmes use an experiential methodology, student reflection will be central to the learning process. 

3. Responsible global citizens

Striving towards being Responsible Global Citizens participants will further understand the needs of others and display compassion whilst caring for themselves, others and the environment.

Our Learning Objectives

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